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Welcome to the Little Rainbow Moon Creative kit - FLOW

This kit features the wonderful guest artist; Kelly Marie. You can find her on instagram as @messyeverafter. I fell in love with her art work and knew I wanted to use her as inspiration for a creative kit and paint palette, so was so excited when Kelly accepted my invitation! I love her use of colour and technique, and the way she adds details with white pen work on top. I was also drawn to her triangles, I often find myself including triangles in my own doodles.

So what’s in the kit!?


You have two sheets of stickers, both featuring Kelly’s beautiful art work. Firstly, you have a set of square stickers, that really show case Kelly’s paintings. You also have a sheet of triangle sticker; inspired by Kelly’s use of triangles.


You have 8 circular die cuts featuring Kelly’s art work. 


I wanted to include an extra silver touch, as like with the silver watercolour, I feel it gives a lovely contrast to the colourful elements.

Tips for use - apply the adhesive to the parts you want the silver leaf. (I like to add little touches to watercolour art work in my journal spreads,) Leave the adhesive for at least 15 mins, it will remain tacky. Place pieces of the silver leaf onto the tacky adhesive, gently press with finger and then use a dry paint brush to gently brush the excess leaf off. 


I’ve included two pens for you this month. Of course the kit wouldn’t be complete without a white pen! White pen details being a real signature of Kelly Marie’s work. 

I couldn’t resist popping a little extra treat in for you; a pastel highlighter pen, the range of pretty colours really reminded me of Maria’s work.


You have a blank tag, all ready to create on! I love adding tags to my journals, I like to decorate one side and journal on the other. To add a little interest I added some hand dyed pastel ‘rainbow’ wool. (You also have an extra piece of wool.)


You have a range of calm water inspired collage elements this month. I really enjoy combining watercolour and collage in my spreads.

  • 1 x collage paper featuring Kelly’s art work.
  • 1 x sheet of vellum featuring Kelly’s art work.
  • Tissue paper circles (tissue paper is great to collage with, I like to overlap them, fixing them down with watered down PVA glue. I also like to use them over watercolour backgrounds to create interesting layers.)
  • 1 x yellow triangle paper napkin (the triangles featuring again, reflecting Kelly’s love of triangles in her art work.) I thought these would be great to ‘decoupage’ cut or torn pieces over watercolour backgrounds/journal pages.


300 gsm cold pressed watercolour paper is my paper of choice, so wanted to share some with you.



If you opt to add the Little Rainbow Moon handmade watercolour paints, you will either have one of the following or the whole set;

PRETTY IN PINK - A lovely bright pastel pink

BUBBLE BEE - A pretty mid yellow

SEA VIEW - A serene blue

PURE SILVER - A shimmering metallic silver

For this set I opted for 3 bright pastel matte colours. I usually opt to make translucent granulating matte colours, so it was a lovely change to go for these dense opaque colours. I based them on the three primary colours (red, blue and yellow) to allow you to mix a range of your own colours. e.g pink and blue to make a purple, blue and yellow to make a green. 

For the fourth colour I opted for metallic silver. I felt a lovely bright silver would be a beautiful contrast to the colourful mattes.