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Welcome to the Little Rainbow Moon Creative kit - INKED ALCHEMY

I found this definition of ALCHEMY - ‘a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.’ I wanted this kit to be all about that. I love how fluid and unpredictable ink is, and when combined with other mediums, it can create some really magical results; so it seemed fitting to bring ink into the theme. So this kit is all about becoming a ‘creative alchemist’. ALCHEMIST - ‘a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process..’ 

Isn’t that what art journalling is all about?! So go get exploring and make some magic! Be a ‘creative alchemist!’

For the colour scheme I opted for a black and grey tones, inspired by Indian ink and added touches of oranges and browns. 

So what’s in the kit? 


ROAR - A beautiful shimming orange

SPICED PUMPKIN - A rich matt orange

BLACK PEARL - A black shimmer with golden flecks on top

CHESTNUT - A deep warm reddish brown

I've loved experimenting with mixing different combinations of these colours. SPICED PUMPKIN & CHESTNUT look stunning, with small touches of ROAR & BLACK PEARL added when wet. Creates a lovely affect once dry.


You have three sheets of handmade stickers. Firstly you have a decorative sheet with alchemy and magical inspired images in black, grey and brown tones. You also have a set of letter stickers; perfect for adding dramatic words/titles and a set of date stickers. 

You also have a set of black and grey toned moon phase stickers.






I love using matt medium to paste pieces of tissue napkins into my journal. You have one included in keeping with the black and white colour scheme.


You have 8 inky journal cards 


You have a piece of folded collage paper with two black, grey, orange and brown painted images. I would add torn pieces of these to build up a collage layers in my journal.

You have a piece of thin papery gauze, hand painted with black acrylic and Indian ink. I loved the translucent and unusual texture of this, I think it will make a really interesting collage layer.

You have a piece tissue paper, part hand stencilled used black acrylic. (I included a little extra unstenciled piece, in case you wanted to experiment with any of your own stencils.) Stenciled images on tissue paper make great addition to journal spreads. I like to use water down matt medium to paste them over a painted or inked background. The thinness of the tissue paper means they blend almost seamlessly with the page.

You have a strip of card with a black/grey alcohol ink design. 


We couldn’t have an ink inspired kit without some actual ink included! So you have bottle of black Indian ink.


I love this product! Just simply sprinkle the smaller amount and spritz with water and watch the magic happen.

I highly recommend experimenting with combining the watercolours, ink and pigment powder in your creative alchemy quest! It will be fun to explore how they react with each other - create some beautiful unpredictability - and remember WATER is the magic ingredient - use lots of it to help the materials flow and interact with each other.

I really hope you love it all and have fun getting creative!