BOTANICAL MOON - Handmade Watercolour Palette (READY TO SHIP)


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Made with high quality artist grade pigments and hand mulled in small batches for hours, together with a 100% natural binder.

The set includes 4 colours

MOON BEAM - A magical colour, which appears a cream but when it catches the light a beautiful luna blue appears! This paint works really well on black paper and I’ve also been loving painting it over other darker watercolour and ink backgrounds. 

BLUE MOON -  A beautiful blue/silver duo colour. 

MOON KISSED NIGHTS - I had fun with this one! You have a steely dark grey/black shimmer paint with a silver moon in the middle!

LUNA ROSE - I adore this colour! It’s a stunning colour shift paint which alters from muted pink to green as it catches the light.