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This kit combines two of my favourite visuals - moons and flowers! I love the colour combination of this kit - the blue/green greys and muted pink and tones. As I was making it, it started having a vintage feel; which I love! So I went with it an included vintage some inspired items in earthy tones and aded touches of copper.

So what’s in the kit!?


 You have two sheets of stickers. Firstly, you have a set of month circles. I couldn’t resit including these again! I am little obsessed with using these in my hobonichi. I Love how they add a touch of colour and interest to a spread; as well as being super practical. I added touches of copper and silver paint splatters. 

You also have a sheet of decorative watercolour dried flowers stickers.


I really love skinny washi, I love how it can really add something to a journal spread, without being too dominant. 


 You have 4 BOTANICAL MOON journal cards. Perfect for adding to journal spreads or using as ‘tip ins.’


I love these pretty die cuts. I love the fact that they are on transparent material - making them perfect for layering over watercolour backgrounds. 


You have a range of collage elements this month. I really enjoy combining watercolour and collage in my spreads.

- In keeping with the vintage feel, you have two pages from an antique diary dated from 1872! I loved the aged look of old paper. This diary had lots of blank pages but also some with writing and some with lists and calculations of some sort - fascinating!

- You have a piece of paper doily which I stained using tea to give it a look of aged lace. I’ve loved pasting these in my journal, using watered down PVA glue, over a watercolour background. It looks lovely over LUNA ROSE.

- You have a piece of Tomoe River paper, hand ‘painted’ using my Pigment Powder - Colour Bursts. I really enjoy tearing up pieces like this to paste into my journals. The thinness of the Tomoe River paper makes it idea collage paper.

- A piece of vellum, hand ‘painted’ using alcohol inks.

- A have a piece of tea bag! This may seem a little odd but used tea bags are actually great to use in collages! If you look up the hashtag teabagart on instagram, you will see thousands of interesting examples.