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The inspiration for this kit comes from my love of coastal walks. I love walking on the beach, not only in summer, I love it just as much in winter, if not more! I love all the different textures; the sand, the grasses that grow on the sand dunes, the faded peeling colourful beach huts. I love finding all sorts of treasures; smooth pebbles, shiny shells, translucent sea glass. All of these beautiful things inspired this kit and watercolour palette.

So what’s in the kit? 
SEA GLASS - A beautiful translucent matt blue/green
SEA SMOKE - A shimmering misty blue/green/grey
CORAL SANDS - An opaque matt coral
TINY PINK SHELL - This colour is inspired by the tiny pink shells I love finding while walking on the beach

You have two sheets of Little Rainbow Moon stickers. You have a set of washi strips each with coastal inspired patterns. You also have a set of decorative stickers; inspired by found beach ‘treasures’. You also have a selection of coastal washi paper stickers. I really enjoy adding these types of stickers to my journal pages, I like the different texture they bring. 

You have 4 coastal inspired journal cards.

You have a piece of sticky back paper, I love how this reminds me of painted beach huts.

You have 3 pieces of wallpaper, cut from a roll of a picture montage of rustic images.

You have a sheet of beautiful sea glass tissue paper. I really love using pieces of tissue paper in my journal. I use watered down matte medium or PVA glue; paste the page, place the tissue paper on and add a layer of medium/glue over the top.

I couldn’t resist including a small piece of actual sea glass! I’m not sure what you will actually do with it!… Just look at it and love it and let it inspire you!!! actually do with it!… Just look at it and love it and let it inspire you!!!