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Welcome to the Little Rainbow Moon Creative kit - GALAXY 

This kit is inspired by beautiful magical galaxies. Galaxies have always been one of my favourite things to paint, so I was excited use that as inspiration to create this kit and paint palette. 


Each paint in this set uses either colour shift or holographic pigment, or a combination of both. One thing I love to do when using these type of watercolours is to use them in combination with a matt watercolour or ink; either mixing in with wet matt colour or over the top of dry matt colour. Have fun experimenting and playing with the unique and interesting qaulities of these stunning colours.

NEBULA - A pink/blue colour shift. Looks great when splattered on a darker background such as indigo.

NORTHERN LIGHTS - A creamy green/gold colour shift - fabulous directly on white, but again stunning when used over a darker colour.

CONSTELLATIONS - A holographic pigment mix; navy, turquoise and pink. Due to the thicker particles in this watercolour, you will need to let a few drops of water ‘sit’ on the pan for a few minutes to activate it, before use. The base for this is made from a clear ‘binder’ so I have found the best way to create really stunning results is to use it over the top of darker paint or ink. The indigo ink spray included in the kit makes the perfect ‘undercoat’ to CONSTELLATIONS. 

INTERGALATIC BLURPLE - Made from a mix of a purple/blue colour shift and a silver holographic pigment. Again, let a few drops of water sit on the pan to activate - although as this has a finer particle base it will activate faster than CONSTELATIONS.


You have two sheets of stickers both using watercolour galaxy art work. 


A little pot of colour magic! Sprinkle the smallest amount (literally  a few grains) onto paper and spray with water and watch the colours burst. The more water you add, the more blended the colours will be. 


Highly pigmented ink spray. 

A tip to using this to create galaxy inspired results - spray paper/journal page with a couple of spritz’ of water, spray 1 or 2 spritz’ of the ink spray, add touches and splatters of the GALAXY paints to the wet ink.

You can also have fun experimenting with adding the PIGMENT POWDER and INK SPRAY to a wet background, before adding touches of the PAINTS. 

WARNING - both the pigment powder and ink spray are very highly pigmented and may stain hands/clothes so take care!


As usual you have some collage elements. Combining watercolour and collage in my journal spreads and art work is one of my favourite things to do.

1 x pastel galaxy inspired wrapping paper piece. (I thought the pastel colours made a lovely contrast to the bright colours)

1 x vellum piece

1 x navy and silver tissue

1 x printed card with 2 designs 

Selection of card circles