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Im sooo happy to be featuring guest artist IRIT LANDGRAF again. I love the way she paints her abstract flowers and she has such a wonderful eye for colour. If you haven’t already, check out her super inspiring YouTube channel. 



If you have opt to add the Little Rainbow Moon handmade watercolour paints you will either have one of the following or the whole set. All the colours were chosen by Irit. She described each colour to me and I did my best to grant her colour wishes!

TRANQUIL TAUPE - A calming neutral matte beige/grey

OLIVE GARDEN -  A lovely granulating matte olive green

WILD PLUM - Rich and intense granulating pinky purple

SUNLIT DEW - Stunning pale gold holographic. I love adding touches of this to the wet matte colours to add beautiful shimmering accents. Also great to flick and splat over a journal spread or artwork. 

(Due to some thicker particles in this watercolour, I recommend adding a few drops of water and letting it ‘sit’ on the pan for a few minutes to activate it, before use.)


You have two sheets of stickers. The first is a set of pretty loose watercolour flowers. The second is a set of squares using Irit’s beautiful abstract artwork. 


This kit exclusively launches a brand new Little Rainbow Moon product - MOON MARKERS. 

Moon markers are brush pens filled with vivid dye-based inks. The colour you have is PINK CARNAtION. 

The inks in the easy-to-use water brushes are highly water-reactive which means you can get all sorts of creative effects by adding drops and sprays of water. and the intense colours mean a little goes a long way! More colours coming soon. If you have the ABSTRACT FLOWERS watercolour palette, try adding drops of moon marker to wet ‘WILD PLUM.’

I really like adding touches of watercolour pencil to my work. I’ve included one in this kit for you. Try using the pencil to add marks when your watercolour or moon marker is still wet. 

(Ive popped in a piece of watercolour paper, so you can use it to have a play with the moon marker, pencil, and paints if you have opted to have them included.)


2 x Tissue paper in loose floral designs - tissue paper is one of my favourite things to use in collage. I love how you can paste it down to create thin layers. I use watered down PVA glue or matte medium. 

You also have a card I have made using the torn layered tissue paper affect.

You gave 6 journal cards made using Irit’s beautiful art work.


You have a washi tape! Yay! I love adding touches of washi to my journal spreads and I love how Irit’s abstract art work translates so well into washi design. 

 I really hope you love it all and have fun getting creative!

(REMEMBER - CREATIVE KITS & PALETTES are available to preorder in the shop, 2 months in advance from the 1st of every month with 15% off on the 1st only)