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1 x 5ml pan of HOLOGRAPHIC watercolour paint.

Made with specialist holographic pigment and hand mulled with handmade organic vegan binder.


Please note:

This paint is unlike my other watercolour paints in that the pigment microns are much larger - this is necessary to produce the holographic effect. The larger microns mean that the paint will need much more water to get it flowing. I recommend adding a drop of water to the pan a few minutes before use. 

The swatches pictured were made by painting two layers, ensuring the first is dry before applying the second. This creates a more opache holographic affect. One layer will still be beautiful but will be more translucent. (I found painting a layer over a water resistant background such as ink or acrylic created a really lovely affect)

(This paint is intended for use in art and creative journalling. I would not recommend it's use in professional artwork as its lightfastness and durability is likely to be unstable)