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So what’s in the kit!?

If you have opted to add the Little Rainbow Moon handmade watercolour paints you will either have one of the following or the whole set. For this set. I love this colour palette so much! Warm purples and pinks are my usual ‘go to’ colours, so I felt very ‘at home’ making this set!
STRAWBERRY MOONSHINE - A beautiful dusky rose pink that shifts to a kind of peachy coppery rose gold with golden flecks, as it catches the light.
MOUNTAIN MIST - A moody misty grey., shifting to a shimmering muted bronze with hints pinky/purple, as it catches the light.
LILAC LOVE - A super shimmery lilac
DARK STAR VIOLET - This one may seem more unassuming, but in my opinion it’s the star of the show!! It’s the only matte colour in the palette. Its a pretty violet colour, but the magic really happens when used with plenty of water. Its super granulating - which I love! (Granulation is when the pigment particles are more visible on the paper, separate and create texture.) With Darkstar Violet, you should be able to see flecks of blue within the violet.
You can have fun mixing these colours too. Strawberry Moonshine and Mountain Mist together make a lovely rose gold hue. Add lilac shimmers to Dark Star Violet by adding touches of Lilac Love,

You have two sheets of stickers. Firstly, you have sheet of decorative mountain inspired abstract triangles. You could try using them to make a border to a journal page perhaps? You also have a mixed sheet with frames, circles, rectangles, squares and words.

You have two journal cards of my Metic Mountains artwork.

You have a ‘water colour granulation’ washi tape in coordinations colours.

You have a blend of purple, pink and gold flat sequins. I love using flat sequins in my journal as they are easy to glue on a spread to add a touch of glamour!

As usual you have a range of collage elements. Combining watercolour and collage in my journal spreads and art work is one of my favourite things to do.
- You have a piece of hand made paper. In keeping with the mountain theme, the paper is made from an evergreen shrub found on the southern slopes of the Himalayas.
- You have a piece of velum with my printed artwork.
- You have some tissue paper, which I hand dyed on a range of pinks, purples and blues.
- You have a piece of paper with a gold paisley design.
- Lastly you have a napkin with wild flowers on. Paper napkins are perfect for using for decoupage. I like to tear pieces up and paste them onto my journal spreads, by first adding a layer of watered down PVA glue, then layering the tissue, before sealing with another layer of PVA glue.