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This kit is inspired by beautiful winter skies and landscapes. Moody blues, greys, lilacs and pinks with touches of silver, sienna and green.


If you have opT to add the Little Rainbow Moon handmade watercolour paints you will either have one of the following or the whole set. 

The set includes three shimmer paints, each with an added sprinkle of ‘wonder’ on the top., and one granulating matt. Have fun mixing and blending the matt and the different shimmers to create a range of ‘wonderland’ inspired colours.

ROSE TINTED GLASSES - A beautiful dusky pink with fushia/purple colour shift shards and sprinkles on the top

LILAC MIST - A subtle lilac shimmer with amethyst shards and sprinkles

MIDNIGHT FROST - A moody blue/grey with a silvery shimmer -completed with emerald green shards and sprinkles

WINTER SKY - Made from two pigments; ultramarine, and burnt sienna this super granulating matt, is inspired by wintery skies. I love the range of this colour. Add just a touch to water for a pale blue/grey wash or less water for a more intense and darker shade. 


You have two sheets of stickers both using winter wonderland inspired watercolour artwork. 


Little fragments of shiny, translucent and reflective foil. Ive enjoyed adding touches of this to parts of my journal spreads by spreading on a layer of PVA glue and sprinkle a little on, to create a pretty mosaic effect, truly stunning as it catches the light. 


  As usual you have some collage elements. Combining watercolour and collage in my journal spreads and art work is one of my favourite things to do. I’ve chosen a mix a coordinating mix of blues, greys, silvers, lilacs and dusky pinks to tie in with the Wintery Wonderland feel. 

1 x hand painted tomoe river paper. (I love adding torn pieces of tomoe river paper to my journal spreads, I love the thinness of the paper and that crinkle!)

1 x hand painted card

1 x paper napkin (I tear pieces up and use watered down PVA glue to decoupage onto my journal spreads)

1 x piece of torn wallpaper

2 x printed papers

6 x journal cards

I really hope you love it all!

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